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Parental Alienation Exposed


Parental Alienation (PA) is junk science, not accepted or recognized by ANY credible organization such as World Health Organization (WHO) or the American Psychological Association (APA). Dr. Richard Gardner, the creator and main promoter of debunked PA theory, held very disturbing views on pedophilia and child sex abuse. His PA theory was based on clinical observations - not scientific data yet he used his theory to create a thriving, well paid industry for court officials and expert witnesses. Today it is a HUGE money-maker for attorneys, therapists and social workers.

Claims of Parental Alienation are used by abusive parents/step parents to remove children from their healthy, caring parent. The abusive parent/step parent accuses the favoured parent of turning the children against them, when in fact the children themselves know when they feel uncomfortable with certain people. If they are not believed when they report abuse it is to be hoped they will protect themselves through the safe parent. The abuser's own actions turn the children away. Parental alienation is the number one tool for abusers to remove custody from the healthy parent and, even though it has been discredited as "junk science," it is a widely used accusation in many courtrooms.

"If there are allegations of child mistreatment and sexual abuse, in a divorce or custody situation, a basic assumption of PA is that the allegations made by the child or parent are untrue. Proponents of Parental Alienation Syndrome claim that the more insistent these allegations are, the more they are evidence that the child is suffering from PA." - Annelies Hagermeister in Social Work Today.

"Parental alienation is malignant pseudo science that trumps abuse in court proceedings. Worse, it doubles the risk of a child being removed from a protective parent and placed with the abusive parent and new partner." - Dr. Liz Dalgarno

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