Alex, Paige and Me

Errors in News Media

The girls and I have come under some criticism for not keeping people up-to-date and not granting media interviews. This is fair. There are many reasons for this and I will explore some of them here.

When the kids and I first left, many news media outlets (Guelph Today, St. Catharines Standard, Niagara Fals Review, CHCH TV-11, Global and the CBC, to name a few) copied verbatim from the mouths of the Niagara Regional Police, which we now all know were erreneous. They didn't bother to investigate, seek witnesses, or even so much as put in a phone call. They just printed what they were told to print allowing the police to control the news. In many cases, what they reported was entirely wrong but getting them to actually investigate or correct their mistakes was an exercise in futility.

The CBC in this article states that I was arrested by the Halifax Police, the RCMP in Marystown and the police in St-Pierre-Miquelon on September 15. Must have been a busy day. So busy I don't recall any of that. We had no contact with RCMP or Halifax Police the entire trip. In fact someday I will publish the ways by which we came to land in Saint Pierre et Miquelon and the police will suffer even greater embarrassment than they already have. I was never held by police, only politely asked to attend court the following day. I never spent a single second in a jail or holdings facility, and haven't since.

They further say that I was facing a Canada-wide warrant in relation to a custody dispute, also not true - we were fleeing an abusive situation. None of what the CBC had to say could be further from the truth, and the CBC would have known this had they lifted finger one to properly investigate. This is one good example of why people are looking at journalists as being bias and on-side with police, not impartial or neutral, they can't be bothered investigating the truth so they publish whatever drools out of the mouth of a poorly informed, biased police officer who has a specific agenda and axe to grind. Despite what has been printed in the news, I have never been in custody, fingerprinted, photographed or formally arraigned. I have never been properly charged with anything, police bravado aside.

I understand there is a real rush to judge people these days, but I expect better from Canadian journalists. I think I am due the courtesy of being referred to as 'alleged' and not as if I have been convicted of anything, because I haven't been. It is a product of police portrayal. Refer to someone as a criminal, select the worst possible pictures and images of that person, even though many more recent pictures are available but show me smiling and hugging my kids. It is the way police villainize people before they have their day in court, so to speak. How difficult will it be to find a jury for this case now? The media plays along, the people are afraid and budgets increase. The Niagara Regional Police Force, with the help of some news media outlets, deliberately painted me in a fictitious, criminal light even though I had done nothing wrong, had been convicted of nothing, having not even had my day in court.

They skipped over that part about me serving as a federal peace officer, emergency measures officer, intelligence investigator combating money laundering and terrorist financing, acting as a security chief for a major government contractor, and so much more. They forget about the commendations I have received. They forget about the commercial investments I have made into our economy, the volunteer work I had done and just about everything else. They forget I held some of the highest security clearances and access to some of the most sensitive information systems used today. They forget how many lives I saved. They show absolutely no respect to my rights as an individual and simply paint me as some dark and threatening figure. The truth could have been been exposed with a simple phone call. Apparently, I wasn't worth the effort. But not to worry, the news media will be quick to publish naysayers, critics and pundits.

One of the most disappointing things many news media outlets have taken to in the interest of monetization is publishing only the first few lines of their story about us, demanding subscription fees to access the remainder. Well I can assure the St. Catharines Standard and Niagara Falls View, to name a few, that the first two lines of your publication were damning and frightening, and without paying fees, most will never see any other content, fair or balanced or otherwise. This is irresponsible and insulting, entirely contrary to what I expect from Canadian journalists and damaging to my kids and I in many ways. Is it really any wonder I gave you no interviews?

I point the finger specifically at the CBC, Global, CHCH-TV-11, News Talk 610, the St. Catharines Standard, Guelph Today, Guelph Observer and the Niagara Falls Review as having sold out their journalistic principles without any concern for the repetitional damages their publication would cause us.

Is it really any wonder we no longer trust the police to properly investigate the sexual abuse of my little girls? Can anyone really blame us for ceasing communication with the news media? Did anyone even notice how old those images were? Did anybody pay attention when thousands rose up to contest the baseless accusations of the police? Is anybody surprised that this version two site has been operating for over two weeks and not one news media outlet has reached out to apologize?

For the record, we arrived on 10 September 2021 at the Archipelago of Saint Pierre and Miquelon seeking emergency asylum, citing Canada for persecuting my children and putting me in peril. We were given cause to stop posting to this site, stop uploading content to the internet, stop taking calls from media and stop communicating with all but the most essential people. As a courtesy to the Government of France, we stopped. We are together, happy and healthy. The girls attend school, have clubs and activities and the family continues to work within the legal framework of France on its asylum application.

The courtesy once extended under the false pretence of being assistive to our application is no longer being extended. I trust this explains why we, to some extent, went missing. You can expect to hear much more from us as time goes on.