Alex, Paige and Me


The girls need help and we are calling for Emergency Action ...

The Government of Canada is at it again, revictimizing Alex, Paige and their Dad. They have launched yet another appeal in response to their latest rejection by the French courts under the Hague Convention. By forcing this family into the courts more than eighteen times in seven months, the Government of Canada has made it clear that they intend to run them into the ground. So we are reaching out to everyone on an emergency basis to force an end to this. The government has gone way too far and the girls are suffering.

Today is Canada Day and we want to send a strong message to Canadian and French officials that it has to stop. Please do whatever you can, push it hard. This might be our last chance.

Bombard the Politicians with Letters, Faxes and E-Mails

Check out the sample letters below. Just copy them into your e-mail application or print them, sign and post. You do not need a stamp to mail the PM or members of parliament (federal). Enlist your friends, family and colleagues to do the same. The greater the number of letters these guys get, the greater the chance they will listen. Be creative!

•   Sample letter to the Prime Minister of Canada
•   Sample letter we recommend for other politicians.
•   Directory of Canadian Members of Parliament
•   *** Great Tool ...Easy-to-use bulk e-mail list of MPs/Senators. Copy into your e-mail application, copy a letter and send.
Directory of French government officials who should hear your concerns.

Social Media

Spread the word as far as you can. Post the sample letters, link directly to the site and have your friends and family do the same. Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are perfect for getting the word out. Social media can expose the government and make them back down. Don't think for a second they don't monitor it.

Boycot French Products

Stop buying French products in your supermarket or online. Talk to the manager and explain that you refuse to buy French products because of what they are doing to the girls. Suggest they remove the products from their shelves in solidarity. Provide the website address. You can even write or e-mail their corporate offices. Word will travel quickly with the French. They are very attentive to their own self-interests.

If you have friends in elected office, especially at the European Union or the United Nations, reach out and make them aware of what France is doing. France routinely caves to diplomatic pressure, especially from globally influencial movers.

The same holds true with activist organizations, i.e. childrens rights activists, court watchers, witnesses of child abuse, anti-government powe grab groups, etc. Reach out and recommend the site, talk with them, make them aware ... ask them for their help.

Press the Press

Contact your local media and make them aware of the situation. Many news and media outllets misreported what was happening with this at the onset, this is an opportunity to correct their mistakes and give fair coverage. Media contacts are listed below.

Pay a Politician a Visit

Your local MP is always inviting you to stop by their office whenever they are at your door asking for your vote, so now is the perfect time to pay them a visit. Be sure to bring copies of the news, emergency action and other documents from the site. Better yet, sit with them and help them peruse on their own. Bring your kids. Tell them you support the Misener family and that you believe Canada is acting horribly. Leave them one of the letters (above). Make sure to tell them its an election issue for you and that you demand the government change its position.

Important Information

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Please direct media inquiries to Maitre Matthew Reardon, chief counsel for the Misener family, at +508 41 20 48 or by e-mail at The Miseners can be reached directly by e-mail at