Alex, Paige and Me

Your Questions/Our Answers

Most of these questions come from e-mails we have received, but some are from social media. We really try to give the best and most thorough answers possible, but sometimes we just don't know. We appreciate your questions and continued support, and will update this list as time permits.

When will you be returning to Canada?
- "We're not. We are so bitter toward Canada for how we have been treated, we will likely renounce our citizenship at some point in the future."

Why did you go silent all of a sudden? What do you mean by courtesy to France?
- "When we arrived at Saint Pierre et Miquelon, we stopped updating our site and completely stopped with media interviews. We did this to show that landing on their shores was not a political act, but a real and true cry for help. So the matter would be tried in the courts and not in the news. We have since rescinded this gesture and have started to publish again."

I am with [press]. I have e-mailed three times now. Why are you not returning our messages?
- "You should read here."

Do you have an Interpol warrant?"
- "I have confirmed through rather shady sources that Canada has taken out an Interpol Red Card meaning that my mobility is substantially restricted. All because I rescued my girls from an abusive situation that the police and judges in Canada failed to resolve."

The police say that they knew you were going to that island, is that true?
- "I doubt it. I think this is just chest thumping. If that was really true, why didn't they stop us? And if they really did know but didn't stop us, doesn't that mean that what I did wasn't a crime? Or did they aid the commission of an offence by ignoring us and allowing us to flee the country? I think this is just the police trying. To save a little face."

Do you really think their mother's boyfriend would keep abusing them after all this?
- "Absolutely. This guy is a repeat violent criminal offender. He tried to strangle his own son in front of other children. He has been diagnosed with a plethora of mental incapacities and illnesses and brags about his drug and alcohol abuse. A team of leading psychiatrists wrote to police commanders in his hometown that he should never be let alone around children. We suspect that he may have sexually abused other children as well but the police refused to reach out to them. I mean how much of this do you need to hear? This site offers volumes of documentary evidence that Jason Kenneth Whittington is a danger to children and society as a whole. Yet the Niagara Regional Police, Ontario Provincial Police, child protection agencies and the courts have no difficulty putting ten year old girls back in his home so he can continue on his plans to assault, rape and murder them. I am so fucking ashamed to be a Canadian."

Have you made friends there? Are people helping you?
- "Yes. We have connected with some amazing people here. Many people here are decent and humanitarian; however, it is a tightly controlled country and whatever notion French citizens may have to help us is with the permission of the state. We are truly indebted to a good number of 'Saint Pierreais.' Without the support and encouragement we have received, our circumstances would be much worse. We have made lifelong friends and refer to some as 'our family in France.' I am not going to name anybody here so as to avoid any repercussions they might face for helping us."

Why is the mom so intent on getting those kids for herself when she hasn't been around in years? Doesn't make sense.
- "The first answer that pops into my mind is public opinion, revenge and money. It has to be hard for her to work and live in a community where everybody knows her children don't want anything to do with her because she allowed her boyfriend to abuse them sexually. She is furious with me for bringing the matter to the police, a lot of good that did, and going public with our reasons for fleeing Canada. I have no doubt she would like nothing more than to see me punished for doing the right thing, even if it meant the girls would be forcibly placed with a coven of social workers. I also think she is motivated by the child benefits the girls would be entitled to, and some of their other assets that I stacked up for them. I honestly think she is more concerned with proving she is 'right' as opposed to doing what is right and proper for the girls. It is really, really sickening."

Kelly and Jason continue to post things on the internet about you and your kids. Are you concerned by this?
- "Absolutely. The most concerning part to me is when he refers to them as *his* children and suggests that I have kidnapped them and am abusing them. At one point, he posted a picture of dolls stripped and covered in blood, hanging in what looked like a dungeon, being shot at with a big gun. This is really quite alarming but the Canadian authorities have aligned themselves with this psychopath and there is little I can do about it. The situation is being closely monitored."

Why don't you put any new video or pictures of the girls and Superdad?
- "A more appropriate question might be: why doesn't anyone have any recent pictures of you and the girls? The answer is because nobody has bothered to take any for years. Even when the biological mother posted pictures of the girls in her home-made missing posters, the images were all years old. If we were to post new pictures, the biological mother and police idiots in Canada could use them. Since we don't want that, we haven't shared new photos."

Can we send you guys cards and actual mail, etc?
- "No. We are not in any particular place long enough to receive mail. We can, depending on the circumstances, make arrangements."

Do people still defect? Like in the 80s spy movies. Have you considered this? You have quite the work history, Clayton. Maybe another country would help you in exchange for information or joining their side.
- "Is that still a thing? Generally speaking, I would consider any opportunity that crossed my desk."

Do the girls even want to talk to their mother?
- "No. I think they have made this point very, very clear. They want nothing to do with her. Despite what the authorities in Canada would like you to believe, the girls are terrified of being put back in the same situation. They have made statements to the French authorities, and to a French judge, and all corroborate what I have just said. Kelly Campbell stood in the doorway and watched as her husband pinned them down and touched them in the most obscene ways possible. I won't get into what they would like to see happen to their biological mother but I can assure you it is not pleasant. They hold their biological mother responsible for everything that happened to them. They want no contact. None."

What do you think should happen next? What is justice for you?
- "I would love to see biological mother and her husband arrested, charged and convicted but you have a legal system in Canada, not a justice system. I would like to see MacPherson and Gibson, the two judges, be fired and publicly shamed. I would like to see FACS, CASHN, the NRP and OPP done away with completely, defunded and disbanded - dishonest bastards. But none of that will happen because nobody is ever held accountable in Canada except the one guy (me) who actually did the right thing. I am so deeply ashamed to be Canadian."

Is the Niagara Police really as bad as you make them out to be?
- "Worse. Google them."

Are you saying that Canada is unsafe for children?
- "In many ways, Yes. If I knew years ago what I now know about Canada, and how they prefer to re-vitimize victims as opposed to properly investigate crimes and go after the offenders, I would have moved long ago. If you are seriously thinking about moving to Canada, or if you are in Canada and have children, just Google the Niagara Regional Police. Shocking. Think twice."

How can we protect our kids from all this?
- "Move. Leave Canada. Here are some tips on how to make that happen."

Can judges be voted out in Canada?
- "No. Judges are appointed by Governor in Council (a fancy word for 'Prime Minister') until they turn seventy or seventy-five, depending on the court. Only twice since 1971 have judges been asked to step down. They have to be brought before a special committee of their buddy judges and the parliament has to vote on it. Given the number of shitty judges I have encountered over the past few years, I am inclined to believe that this system may be a little flawed. So shitbags like MacPherson and Gibson will continue putting children in harm's way for a long, long time."

Are the family protection workers as useless in France as they are in Ontario?
- "Well they certainly play from the same book. They are pushy and rude, entirely insensitive and intimidating. The French Gestapo, what we call the family service workers here, even took our answers and documents and shared them with biological mother, and they admit it while laughing. They admitted that reconciliation is the policy of France as well as the Catholic Church. So now we don't answer any questions. They won't even get us a translator, so we only get some of the questions and I am sure that our answers aren't properly received either. The notion that a State would consider reconciliation after this degree of abuse is sickening, but they do. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to deal with the French Gestapo, don't. Have your lawyer do it or simply refuse. These bastards couldn't care less about your children. Additional information and mullti-media will be published about these guys in due course.

Have you been approached for a book or movie?
- "Kind of. It is certainly something we would do. We have received hundreds of e-mails suggesting we write a book together or produce Youtube videos about our adventure. I took a call from a television producer and spoke with a few industry people but nothing concrete yet. If you are in the business, please reach out."

My step-father and I agree you should have just made them go to their mom like the judge said and be a real man about it, what do you think about that?
- "Obviously, I disagree. I hope that you don't have children of your own and suggest you re-think your loyalty to your step-father as he obviously has none to you. Real men love their children. Real men would go to the ends of the Earth to protect their children. Real men give up everything for their children. There is nothing more important than the safety and security of our children. Nothing. Some parents don't get that, but real men do. I have always said I would take a thousand bullets to save my babies a paper cut, and now I am proving that. I would be pleased to recommend a urologist in your community to facilitate a vasectomy so your stated positions never become a reality."

Are you single? Obviously you like children. Dating?
- "Single. Not really in a position to offer anything to a relationship. I don't speak the language and spend most of my time tending to the girls, preparing for court or growing my business. I would love to meet someone here but I don't think that's in the cards."

Why no media interviews? Why so standoffish to the press?
- "When all of this first started, Canadian media just broadcast what the police told them to. The didn't bother to investigate, confirm facts or even question the police. That isn't news. That is allowing the police to control the media and it is shameful and dangerous. They made me out to be a kidnapper or even a terrorist. So I refused to do interviews. Instead we spoke directly to the general public through our website. I think a lot of media outlets lost their credibility over this."

Can I sign up to be a Clayton's Angel? To defend you online?
- "I absolutely love the name Clayton's Angels. I heard it for the first time when I was checking our e-mail in Quebec and then I saw it printed on a t-shirt. The kids and I absolutely love reading some of the posts that the Clayton's Angels put online in our defence. You can most certainly be a Clayton's Angel as well. Just read through this site thoroughly so you can fight back with facts, and check in with us if you need more information. Go ahead and spread the truth. Go after false reports, police lies and fake news (and I really hate that expression, but it is accurate). We really, truly appreciate your efforts."

Do your children appreciate what you have done for them?
- "Yes. Very much so."

If you leave where will you go?
- "We're thinking about Mars."

What do you need? How can I help?
- "Thanks for asking. There is an entire section of this site devoted to that exact subject."

How are you living? Do you get welfare payments?
- "I am not permitted to work in France. It will be some time before I can, if ever. We have income from a variety of sources but rely heavily on friends and family for support at this stage. We do not receive welfare payments or anything of the sort. In fact, we have declined all forms of immigration and refugee assistance. The reasons for this are many and mostly political."

Do you want your ex and her husband to just disappear or do you want to beat them in court.
- "Both. In all honestly, it wouldn't bother any of us one bit if they snuffed each other out."

How can Canada do this to children?
- "Sadly, this kind of thing happens all the time, every day. Children have no rights in Canada and the entire justice system is screwed. Until the system is overhauled, it will continue. Canada is not a safe place for children, period - despite its pretty, friendly appearance. The police, social worker battalions, courts and government functionaries are simply ill-equipped and so poorly out of touch that they just don't stand a chance. Most people don't know it but Canada is so bad at protecting children, it is almost considered a co-conspirator to child abuse. I was honestly shocked to hear how other countries, including France (Saint Pierre et Miquelon), look down at Canada for how they treat people. Canadian police are often described as warlords or gang members here."

Can you speak French?
- "Somewhat, but not well. Paige is excelling in French and Alex is doing very, very well at comprehending."

If Canada gets you back, will you go to jail?
- "This is a very good question, and I believe the answer is no. Canada would first have to win years of extradition hearings and appeals. Then it would have to transport me and formally charge me (which it has failed to do so far). It would have to find a jury of my peers that would actually convict me (good luck there since I have committed no crime). Then it would have to punish me: clean criminal history, lifelong servant of my countrymen, decorated, absolute non-criminal, etc. Since embarrassing the police and exposing corrupt judges is not a crime in Canada, my answer is: No. The problem is that they would delay everything for years and hold me in jail for that entire period of time, having never been convicted of a crime. I have no doubt I would be beaten and that my basic human rights would be violated, because this is what Canada does. If you really think that people fall down the stairs and resist arrest that often, you're in need of a wakeup. I have worked in law enforcement and saw it first hand. So my fear is the four years waiting in jail cell to be found not guilty. I suspect I wouldn't make it."

Can you become un-Canadian since you seem to hate it here so much?
- "Yes. The girls and I have discussed this matter at great length. For many reasons, and resulting from many outcomes, not just this one, we will very likely, at a time and place convenient for us, formally renounce our Canadian citizenship and surrender our passports. We are very resentful for what Canada has done to us, or what it failed to do. We will never return to Canada so there is no point whatsoever in holding citizenship. Obviously, this means we have citizenship in other countries or we wouldn't be able to cut Canada like a diseased limb. We are so disappointed with what Canada has become, and want nothing to do with it anymore, we just have no loyalty left."

What was it like when the police said you were in jail?
- "It was funny and hurtful at the same time. When the Niagara Regional Police Force posted its bullshit news release to Facebook, I was online chatting with some friends. It was full of lies and bravado. I started responding as quickly as I could so people could see I was not in some form of detention or jail. People who were reading it immediately saw my posting and the conversation went from the NRP nonsense to laughing at their attempted false flags. Professional, impartial policing is valuable to a society and I wouldn't criticize them for doing exactly that - but they didn't. They outright lied and pounded their chest like a tribe of little monkeys, drunk with power. I am so pleased that hundreds of people caught them in their lies and note that they haven't tried that since."

Are there other Super-Dads out there? (mom asking for seven-year-old daughter).
- "Yes, there are. There are even more Supermoms and a few Supergrannies that I know of. I have met a few in our travels and conversed with many online. They all have something in common: they are absolutely and entirely committed to the safety and security of their children. When their kids are threatened they stop caring what people have to say, stop respecting police or courts and put all of their efforts into protecting their babies no matter what. There is no creature on the face of this planet more dangerous than a superparent in fear for their child."

I hear there are a lot of strikes and riots in France? Do you get into that?
- "Yes there are and no we do not. Those things can get fairly ugly. It isn't our place to mess around in domestic politics."

How did you know this was going to happen? When did you start getting ready?
- "The biological mother had been trying to pull this crap for years, but failed to gain custody. We knew that she would eventually roll the dice and get a sympathetic, or simply pathetic judge who would give her access and force the kids to go. She found one, and we fled. We had been preparing for that moment for some time. We were ready. But we still held out hoping the courts would do the right thing. What idiots we were. Judge Gibson without even meeting or speaking to the girls ordered police to use force to make them go back to the place they were abused. When we caught wind of this shit for brains judge, we fled."

Is France really all about freedom?
- "No. Its about cheese, bread and wine. There isn't as much actual freedom as the people like to think."

Can you see the Eiffel Tower from your place?
- "Not very clearly as it is more than four thousand kilometres away. The archipelago of Saint Pierre et Miquelon is less then twenty kilometres south of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada), in the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River. It is a French territory, owned and controlled by France, but it is nowhere near the 'Metropole' - nowhere near Europe whatsoever. But I hear the Eiffel Tower is very nice."

Who is in charge of St. Pierre?
- "Ultimately, the President of France. But he appoints a governor of sorts called a Prefet. France is broken down into departments (what we would call provinces or regions) and each has a prefecture (headquarters) where the Prefet governs from. There are also councils and elected offices but the Prefet is the main guy in charge of the area and he is appointed by the President. Despite their claims of democracy, France is governed by a group of appointed patriarchs."

What kind of cars do they have there? Do you own a car?
- "Mostly you see Puegot, Dacia, Volkswagen and other European vehicles on the road. There are lots of smaller Toyotas as well. Occasionally, you see North American pickup trucks and there are a few really nice Mustangs and I see a nice Porsche from time to time. For the most part, they are all smaller cars which makes a lot of sense as the streets are narrow. I don't have a car here, we don't need one. We walk everywhere."

Where were you when you heard about the police to use violence?
- "Canada."

Do you still think you did the right thing after all that trouble?
- "I have no doubt whatsoever that I did the right thing. My girls are worth it, and more."

Will you settle in France then? On the island?
- "That isn't up to us. We have asked for and received temporary asylum while our application is processed. The authorities might say yes, they might say no, we just don't know. If it were up to us, we would definitely stay in France, on the archipelago for some time."

Hey Clay, Kelly is saying she has received death threats, is this true or is it just more BS?
- "I have heard the same thing. I don't know if I believe her but it wouldn't surprise me. People are pissed at what she has done and her husband has been exposed as a pedophile. I assume the residents of Canfield are a little on edge knowing they live next to a psychopathic child molester. None of us would lose a minute of sleep if they snuffed each other out in some psychopathic rage."

Do you miss your family back home?
- "I don't feel we have a home. If we did, Canada would certainly not be it. I do miss my parents and close friends. I miss the familiar and miss the language, but I am a bit surprised that I don't miss a lot of things I thought I would."

Is it true that Alexandra and Paige call their mom 'biological mother' and other names like that?
- "Biological Mother is the least offensive of the names they use for Kelly Campbell. I am not going to restate what they call Jason Whittington, the man who sexually abused them, or some of the other names they have for their biological mother as they are very offensive."

Why didn't your girls get to speak to the judge in Canada?
- "In Ontario, judges are not required to hear from children at all, regardless of age. We told several judges that the girls would like to speak to them, but no judge would agree to even see them. Without seeing the victims, judges can make decisions without any of the important facts and really screw things up, arrogant bastards. At no point in time did any of the seven or eight different judges that heard this case ever even meet the girls. Canada is not a safe place for children."

Have you had threats made against you?
- "No, except by police, social workers, judges, etc. We received a long slew of nasty messages from Karen Clements Whittington, mother and chief supporter of Jason Whittington, the man who sexually abused my children, and the drivel one would reasonably expect directly from Kelly Campbell and Jason Whittington. Some of Campbell's friends sent a few nasty messages to us, but no credible threats."

How did you get away with this? Are there others like you?

- "There are many others like me who cannot find justice or safety in Canada. Saying we got away with something isn't right because we didn't commit a crime or do anything wrong. We were able to find some degree of safety and security through planning, courage and thinking on our feet. We also have the support of some really amazing people."

What advice would you give someone, a mom or a dad, in your position?
- "Carefully assess the situation and plan your escape. Draw a clear line in the sand and be prepared to act if it is crossed. When the time comes, execute your plan - no looking back. Remember that you hold the safety and security of your children in your hands. Be strong and be gone. We have a whole section on doing what we did, here."

Do people actually call you Superdad or is that just a news thing?
- "Yes, I am often referred to as Superdad or Superpapa. I think it's really nice. I was first called that in a Facebook post and it kind of stuck. We have been stopped on the street several times in Canada so people could get a selfie with Superdad and his brave little girls. They cry, we cry. Some offer money. I also love the name Clayton's Angels and I am so deeply touched that these women (and men) would identify as that. I have even heard of a nine-year-old girl that made a t-shirt printed "I AM PAIGE" with our website to her school. She made a presentation to her class about us. The most touching thing in the world is when people you have never met before come together and stand up for you, because you are in the right. You have no idea how much the girls appreciate it."

You bought gas in Quebec from me. It was very good for us meeting you. My wife and I are proud for you Superdad. But I never did askeded you, do you think Quebec must have separation from the rest of Canada?
- "Only the people of Quebec have the right to decide that. The rest of Canada has to accept that decision. If I lived in Quebec, I would want to get away from Canada as fast as possible. Canada has killed your culture, language, music and identity. They control your economy and regulate the trade of your goods. Canada has too many problems that will never be solved. If it was me, and I was in Quebec for all of this, I would fight for independence and I wish you the best of luck in doing so, Andres." [question and answer both translated from French].

Are the French police assholes too?
- "No. They are much more calm and professional than in Canada. I have met a couple dozen of them in various circumstances and all but one were very polite and courteous, no use of force or silly threats. I only ever met one who was a typical bully cop, intimidation games and the like. I got my lawyer on him and haven't seen him since. I think the French government expects more and better from their police than they do in Canada."

Are you guys a refugee now?
- "No. We are not refugees. We asked for asylum, which in France means provisional protection. So we have asked for permission to stay in France while we continue in the immigration process. We have not asked for support and have politely declined gifts and monies offered by the State. We are entirely self-funded. We are not asking for free stuff or special privileges, we just want to be protected against Canada and its intent to take us by force, and put my children in a place they will likely be raped and murdered. Canada, unfortunately, supports the sexual abuse, rape and murder of children as is evident by its behaviour."

Is St. Pierre religious?
- "Yes. France as a whole is Catholic. In Saint Pierre et Miquelon, ninety-five percent of the inhabitants are Catholic. We have been invited to attend church with local families (which I take as a very nice gesture), but have politely declined. We have not been discriminated against in any way or form that I am aware of (resulting from our non-Catholicism). France has strict laws that the state must remain separate from the church and, from what I gather, the church encourages tolerance and understanding. This being the case, the majority of the rulers, politicians, chief bureaucrats and military commanders are Catholic so maybe we would fare better if we just joined the club and kissed the ring."

Why won't you accept help from Family and Children Services? (Submitted by one of Kelly's Friends).
- "Why don't you go to a local pet store and accept a kiss from the giant spider in the tank at the front. He is just trying to help you. Moron. I have nothing nice to say about the child protection workers in Canada, as will become evident in the coming week and months."

What did the R.C.M.P. [Canadian Police] do with your car? Where is it?
- "So far as I know, the car is still sitting exactly where I left it. In fact, people who have come to the archipelago have even said they parked right beside it. I think it shows that I haven't actually committed a crime or they would want it for evidence. Maybe after they read this, they will organize a man hunt, or car hunt as it may be. We knew full well that we would have to ditch the car when we left Canada. It was a necessary loss. That being said, I am really glad its still there. Maybe someday I will rope a friend into getting it and driving it back to Ontario. That would be funny."

Is there an army there?
- "France has a formidable army, as well as a decent size Navy and Air Force. They also have a few hundred nuclear missiles in their arsenal. France is a superpower and has a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council - that club that Canada is always being passed over for. But none of this is at Saint Pierre et Miquelon. We do have a Gendarmerie which is the national police and part of the military, but we don't seem to have that many Gendarmes (police officers). You see them in the park raising and lowering their flag. I have heard they fly in additional Gendarmes whenever there are riots and other issues, but I have yet to see that."

Are france people patriots?
- "Oh indeed yes. They are proud to be French and proud of their French heritage. They enjoy the rich traditions and culture of the French people. Just to enforce this, they have protests and riots whenever their government even whispers about doing something they don't like. The French are almost as patriotic as the Americans, except that the French don't fly quite as many flags.

Do they like the USA there? America?
- "The French are quite fond of the French, and only the French."

Do the France people sing their national anthem? Have lots of flags?
- "Have you actually read the lyrics of the French national anthem? You really need to read it ( Warning: Might not be entirely suitable for children, or adults for that matter. They have flags at the many, many government facilities they have here but not too often on homes, cars, hats, eye glasses, driveways, roadways, sewer caps and the other places you see Americans fly their flag."

Do they have banks?
- "Kind of. But they are heavily regulated and may as well be state owned like most everything else. The bank here ( wouldn't give me an account because we are immigrants. They can be reached at +508 41 23 51."

Is France communist like Russia?
- "No. France is communist like France."

What kind of girl are you looking for?
- "One with an ocean-going ship or private jet. Loads of money an asset, political connections. Likes kids."

Have you/would you ever consider working for Blackwater or others like them? You obviously have the skills.
- "I don't think they're called Blackwater anymore, but I would consider anything that landed on my desk."

What ever happened to the Clay who loved Canada and was proud to serve?
- "Canada tried to harm his children, and that was that."

Has the Canadian government offered to help?
- "Ha! After being here for more than three months and asking every friend and family member for favours to stay afloat, a consular officer called me from Paris. She offered to help but as I went down the list of ways I would use some help, she one by one said they couldn't help me in that way. So I asked exactly how they could help and she said they would send me an e-mail, and she did. The e-mail detailed that there is nothing they could help me with. I know this game. Somewhere, her supervisor got an e-mail that she contacted me and that no action is required. Gotta love Canada. Shameful."

Have you ever been married? Would you ever get married?
- "No. Sure, but I don't think there is a girl alive who would want to inherit this mess."

Do the girls have boyfriends?
- "No. They have friends but nothing along those lines."

What grade are they in?
- "The grade system in France is very different to Ontario/Canada. They completed grade eight (Ontario) prior to fleeing. They are now studying in the Lycée (high school). They are a year ahead, possibly two given their late birthdate. They are receiving intensive language and integration support. Their school is the best school in the world. I can't say that enough. They are amazing teachers, administrators and specialists. They were able to coordinate inside of one month support for Alex that the District School Board of Niagara refused to do for six years. The schools in Ontario have a lot to learn."

Are you getting much support from your police and border patrol friends? What about other friends from Canada?
- "Yes and no. A few former colleagues have reached out and said they would have done the same thing, etc. I am surprised that more haven't but I accept that people working in law enforcement may not entirely agree with my decisions, and I know that some have been threatened with disciplinary action if they publicly support us. It's their choice really and their support, or lack of support, has no impact on me taking measures to protect my children. It is my experience that friends you meet while in law enforcement are fair-weather friends to begin with. I have kept very few from my time."

Was it illegal for you to do what you did? In any country?
- "Certainly not in Canada. Keep in mind that I haven't even been formally charged with any offence, by anyone. The Niagara Regional Police are suggesting that I disobeyed a court order and abducted my children but both of those charges are nullified if protecting the children from abuse, which is obviously the case. I think the police were just looking for something to hit me with given how badly I embarrassed them in the news. They failed to protect the girls from being abused and now they blame me for bringing their incompetence to the public's attention. I am also aware that other Superdads have done the same thing. Anyway, I surely don't think they would find a jury that would convict me. What they would be able to do is try and hold me in jail for years and years until the matter got to court. I have no doubt I would be beaten severely at the hands of these cowards because I stood up to them. This is how they operate. But there was nothing illegal about what I have done."

How on earth did you avoid the police that whole time?
- "Being sneaky."

Are the children being respected in France?
- "Children are not really respected in France. They are looked at the same way one would look at a car, a horse or a boat. Women are often regarded the same way."

In the video Kelly made for Niagara 411, she didn't seem upset at all. She was stone cold. She said that her husband admitted to being in their bedroom, and to touching them and that FACS had told him not to. Isn't this enough to get the police to arrest him? He admitted to it, or at least part of it. Why does she keep calling you crazy when he is obviously guilty? Why doesn't she stick up for her kids?
- "Kelly is under a lot of pressure to stay loyal to her pedophile husband while she tries to shift the blame to me. She doesn't have the courage to stand up and say that she was wrong and that she should have defended her children because she has already taken this too far and the girls absolutely detest her. I mean Whittington even apologized to the girls right in front of her. I suspect she is just in crisis mode and that she might be using pretty serious drugs with him. Don't forget that she is a veterinary assistant so she has access to some pretty serious narcotics in large amounts, just like Karla Homolka (if you don't already know it, google that name for sure). The truth is that I have no idea what would make somebody give their children up for this kind of abuse, then blame the person trying to protect them. She did say that she is taking a leave of absence from her work to get herself straightened out, so maybe she is all wrapped in his habits. As for the police, they are lazy scum. Idiots. Thugs and bullies. Simple."

How come you didn't get caught by police on the way out? Didn't they look for you?
- "Oh they looked, for sure. They issued warrant after warrant after warrant. I think that Judge Gibson would have done anything in his power to have caught me given his obvious bias and anger toward me. When the all story comes out on this, you are going to laugh at how bad they really are. I promise I will tell the whole story at a later time. It will wreck any faith you have in modern policing."