Friends of Alex and Paige

European Union: Help?

Friends in Italy report that the European Union Commission on Human Rights as well as the United Nations High Commission on Refugees are being continually updated on this case, and we have attracted the attention of several senior government leaders in different E.U. countries, all watching with great concern.  The Friends have reached out to several European countries in hopes that one of them may be willing to assume their asylum case against Canada, given the totality their treatment and malicious prosecution.

End to Press Releases

Friends of Alex and Paige announce the end to regular press releases. Updates will be provided in brief through Facebook and other social media channels, and details via this news service. You can access releases of the past here, and we will endeavour to keep this section as up-to-date as possible. Please contact us for further information or media contact.

Running Away: the Video - Update 1

The video narrated by Paige and produced by Friends in New York has been linked to, copied, subtitled and distributed to select groups and countries around the world. Friends of Alex and Paige estimate that thousands of people have seen it, and hundreds have contacted us pledging their support and continued action. This is exactly the response the family needs - action! They need Friends to sand up for them, to make phone calls, write letters and e-mails, demand action on the part of the Canadian government.

If their video touched you like it did thousands of others, please pick up the phone and raise your voice for them. Call your elected officials, the Niagara Regional Police, the Ontario Provincial Police, Family and Children's Services … make your message clear. Failure on our part to do this will mean catastrophic circumstances for the girls.

Please help! Phone numbers are at the end of the video. Use them.

Crown Ducking Calls - Significant

Friends of Alex and Paige today released an important bulletin.


Over the past few months, a multitude of attempts have been made to reach out to the Crown Attorney for Niagara North, Mike Sokolski. This is the government official responsible for the prosecution of hardened criminals like Alex, Paige and Clayton Misener, the family that fled from an abusive situation in Ontario and was branded terrorists by their own government. Contact was initiated to stipulate the Assistant Crown Attorney(s), the actual lawyers handling the case on the government's behalf, and to obtain full, frank and fair disclosure - something no government official, lawyer or judge seems to be very good at producing. We have made phone calls, sent e-mails and nothing. We have had no return from anyone in that position.


About two weeks ago, we learned from a reliable source (a Friend) that the Crown Attorney does not have a file on the family - any of them. This was verified when another Friend called to inquire about the file, as if to contribute to it, and was told that no such file exists. The file they are referring to is called a "crown brief" and it is the dossier that contains all of the documents assembled by police, and used for prosecution.

Now, don't get too excited. This could mean different things, including:

  1. administrative error, the most likely explanation;
  2. the Niagara Regional Police failed to file a crown brief with the charges;
  3. the Judge or Justice of the Peace who took the initial information form police declined to further the charges;
  4. the charges have been withdrawn or dismissed, or are simply no longer active;
  5. the family, having been charged, arraigned, tried, convicted and sentenced in absentia no longer face charges.

Either way, you would think that the Crown Attorney's Office would be a little more interested. Guess not.

Thanks to a Friend, we are able to present the entire chain of command, all the way up to the Premier of Ontario - including their names, titles, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and office locations. If we continue having difficulty making contact, we have a whole host of other, much more personal, contact information at our disposal.

The chain of command, if you will, is as follows:

  1. Mike Sokolski, Crown Attorney for Niagara North | 905-685-4293 | | 59 Church Street, 3rd Floor, St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 7N8
  2. Tanya Karas, Regional Manager for Central West Region | 905-645-5338 | | 45 Main Street East, Suite 400, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2B7
  3. Todd Norman, Regional Director (Acting) | 905-645-5338 | | 45 Main Street East, Suite 400, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2B7
  4. Randy Schwartz, Assistant Deputy Attorney General for Criminal Law Division | 416-326-2616 | | 720 Bay Street, 7th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M7A 2S9
  5. David Corbett, Deputy Attorney General | 416-326-2640 | | 720 Bay Street, 7th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M7A 2S9
  6. Doug Downey (Politician), Attorney General | 416-326-2220 | or | 720 Bay Street, 11th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M7A 2S9
  7. Doug Ford (Politician), Premier of Ontario | 416-325-7635 or 416-325-1941 or 416-745-2859 | or or | Legislative Building, Queen's Park, Room 281, Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A1

We urge Friends to pay a call, e-mail or write a letter to these folks and ask them why they are dodging our calls. Ask them why they are not meeting their legal obligations to give full, frank and fair disclosure. Ask them for the status of the file. If it turns out that the Niagara Regional Police, and their counterparts across Canada and in France, have been prosecuting the family without prosecuting them, it will likely lead to financial consequences too grave for mention. So it will be interesting to see if they come forward or keep dodging the family and their charter right.

Running Away (the Novel) Update 1

Friends of Alex and Paige is very pleased to announce that the family has entered into a literary rights agreement with a best-selling author who will bring the journey of Alex, Paige and Clayton to print. This is a tremendous step forward in the effort to publicize the intolerable circumstances the family has faced, and to set the record straight - since nobody else in a position of power appears motivated to do that.

The agreement sets the foundation for at least one, but possibly two or more novels. Alex, Paige and Clayton will be consulting on the book, which promises expose all of the facts behind their situation, in a true account of their journey together. The identity of the author and agent will be disclosed after a publishing contract has been signed. Anyone who has published before knows this can be a long and drawn-out process, so there is no speculation on timelines or income to the family at this time.


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