Alex, Paige and Me


This site is full of very graphic content. It is 100% true and very disturbing. It is being shared at the request of Alexandra and Paige, the victims, so people understand what really happened, not what the abusers would have you believe. This site may act as a trigger for those who have been victimized, or those who are sensitive to this kind of thing. It is deeply personal and explores the sexual abuse of young girls, the failings of the police, child protection services and the courts.

It is very difficult to read, and even more difficult to write.

Everyone has to determine for themselves how much, if any, of this content they will take in. You do not fail by electing not to read it. We completely understand. Same holds true if you elect to read only some of it. Some of this material may be good for sharing with your children. Some may not. The choice is entirely yours. After all, you are the adults and it is your responsibility to protect yourselves and guide your children. We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to talk to your kids about abuse, and who you can really turn to for help.

Regardless, we appreciate your support.