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Clayton's Angels

I absolutely love the name "Clayton's Angels." I heard it for the first time in Quebec when we had stopped to check our e-mail. One of the Angels was taking on a news media company live on Facebook. She absolutely tore them a new one and I was so impressed. She became known as Clayton's Angel, and the name was born.

Clayton's Angels are super-dedicated social media patrol agents, rally organizers, evangelists and behind-the-scenes operators who go to bat for the kids and I, in many cases without even knowing us. They attack news media, police and government types, anyone who is trying to break us. Angels have gone after judges, used their own personal connections to find personal information about people trying to hurt us, and even run money.

Angels communicate amongst themselves and we do not keep a central registry, for obvious reasons. In some cases, we only know them by number or "wing-name" (yes, seriously). They work within their online and physical community to raise awareness and to expose the police, social workers, lawyers and judges for their crimes against us. Anyone can become a Clayton's Angel, just by carrying out the work. So if you are interested in becoming a Clayton's Angel, read through this site and contact us if you require any additional information. Then go and defend, attack, investigate, report, and whatever else you do to help.

We so very much appreciate your help, Angels. Love that name.