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Dear Prime Minister Trudeau:

Alexandra and Paige Misener hadn't turned ten when they were sexually abused by Jason Kenneth Whittington, boyfriend to their biological mother Kelly Campbell. Campbell knew of the abuse and even helped Whittington conceal it. The Ontario Provincial Police were notified but they mishandled the complaint and they were unable to prosecute Whittington.

For two years, the girls refused to so much as speak to their biological mother. Then, without even having met the girls or spoken to them, Judge Gibson of the superior court ordered that Campbell was to have access alternating weekends. He went even further, ordering police to use violence against the girls (now twelve) if they refused to obey. The girls were terrified and fled Canada with their father, with who they had lived for their entire lives.

Alex, Paige and their father Clayton Misener remain on the French archipelago of Saint Pierre et Miquelon where they have received temporary asylum. Canadian government officials have caused French authorities to bring them in front of the courts at least a dozen times, more like eighteen. They are seeking the forceable return of the girls and their father so the girls can be forced to the place they were nearly raped and kept there by way of force. Misener, their father, who has never actually been charged with an offence, will be put in prison for an undefined number of years.

Enough is enough, Mr. Prime Minister. What the Misener family has gone through at the hands of your government is horrible. Why on earth is your government re-victimizing these little girls? Why is nobody listening to them? I am writing to demand that you have this entire case suspended, and that you call in inquiry into the actions of all involved. I would refer you to the website for additional information.

Yours truly,

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