Alex, Paige and Me

How to Help

Pick Up the Phone

Sometimes a message of extreme importance is best delivered in person. Consider calling your Member of Parliament (MP) or even Prime Miniister Justin Trudeau directly at +1 (613) 992-4211. Tell them you don't support what the Canadian police are doing to the Misener girls at Saint Pierre et Miquelon. That the girls fled Canada because of bad judicial decisions and that you will be watching closely as children continue in their journey. Tell them that your vote in the next election will go to the government that makes this matter a priority.

Consider calling the French embassy in Ottawa at +1 (613) 789-1795 or the consul-general in Toronto at +1 (416) 847-1900 and tell them that you are highly disturbed by the way the French have treated the Miseners and that they (the French) are no longer welcome in Canada until they sort it out. Ask them to leave. This sounds rather silly, but it has a huge impact given the way the French operate.

You can also contact your police chief and demand an investigation into the facts surrounding the Miseners having to flee Canada, that all documents and details be made public. I suggest the Niagara Regional Police at +1 (905) 688-4111 or the Ontario Provincial Police Cayuga Detachment at +1 (905) 772-3322

When it comes time to pay property tax, send your municipal leaders a picture of the girls and a letter telling them that enough has already been paid.