Alex, Paige and Me

How to Help

Report "Sightings"

When our travels began, and we reached out for help, some really awesome people took it upon themselves to make less-than-truthful reports as to our whereabouts. We called these "sightings." Some used payphones, anonymous e-mail, even courtesy phones at auto dealerships and one used a payphone mounted at a courthouse. They reported to police, news stations, crimestoppers and social media organizations.

This has become somewhat of a tradition and we have received hundreds of messages letting us know where we have been sighted. Now, I am sure this is not legal, and we are asking you not to put yourself in harms way. This being said, I am pleased to report as I sit typing this at Saint Pierre et Miquelon, that the Miseners-in-Exile have this week been spotted at a call centre in India, at the Kremlin and on Mars.

Sightings serve a number of functions, the least of which is our own entertainment. Should we ever have to flee again, sightings may be the best way to distract the police. You can reach Crime Stoppers (in Canada) +1 (800) 222-TIPS (8477).